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Israeli Olympic team met with apparent anti-Semitism in Rio de Janeiro


One Middle Eastern country has been reprimanded by the International Olympic Committee and another is under fire for alleged anti-Semitic actions toward Israeli’s Olympians this past weekend.

The Lebanon Olympic team barred Israeli athletes from boarding the same bus prior to the Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, and the IOC warned Lebanese delegation leader Salim al-Haj Nakoula against further such action during a hearing on the matter, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The head of Israeli’s Olympic delegation, Gili Lusting, blasted the Lebanese to the Associated Press.

“The organizing committee saw the blunt behavior of the head of the Lebanese delegation and immediately arranged a different bus for us,” Lusting told the AP. “The behavior of the head of the Lebanese delegation contradicts the Olympic Charter.”

Likewise, Udi Gal, who sailed for Israel in two Summer Olympics and has helped coach Israel’s current sailing contingent, took Lebanon to task on Facebook, particularly since Rio de Janeiro had memorialized Israeli victims of terrorism at the 1972 Munich Games in the Olympic Village days earlier.

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