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Islamist militants are terrorizing the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Terrorists are kidnapping people and giving them the choice between converting to Islam or death.

Bishop Paluku Sikuli Melchisédech of the diocese of Butembo-Beni, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has denounced the failure of his government in the face of the challenges confronting it. Terrorists are expelling the indigenous populations from their homes, while criminals are trafficking in the exploitation of Congo’s mineral resources, completely undisturbed.

ACN: Since the beginning of April a wave of demonstrations, some of them violent, have shaken your country, calling for an end to the insecurity. What is your position in regard to these demonstrations? 

Bishop Paluku Sikuli Melchisédech: You cannot ask people who are being slaughtered like animals to simply shut up and do nothing. They have every right to demand security, every right to demand freedom. We simply urge that this should be done with respect for the law, peacefully and without violence. 

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