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Islamic State attack on Kabul University kills 22, wounds 22

An hours-long siege on Kabul University claimed by the Islamic State left at least 22 dead and 22 wounded Monday after two gunmen stormed the campus, took several students hostage and battled security forces for hours before the scene was cleared and all hostages were freed.

The attack in Afghanistan’s capital began with an explosion at the gates of the university just before 11 a.m. Monday. Thousands of students fled, but a number trapped inside began posting to social media describing seeing classmates gunned down.

“God give patience, my classmates martyred and wounded in front of my eyes, and I am taken hostage,” Qaseem Kohestani, a fourth-year student at the university’s public policy school, posted to Facebook.

A law student told The Washington Post that dozens of students and some professors were taken hostage in the attack. The student spoke on the condition of anonymity because of security concerns.

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