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Is There An LGBT “Community”?

First trans solidarity rally and march, Washington, DC USA
First trans solidarity rally and march, Washington, DC USA

Today’s most important acronym expands and contracts like an accordion with seemingly no rhyme or reason. From LGBT, the inclusive train of letters has now swelled to LGBTTQQIAAP2S. The two Ts stand for transgender and transsexual and the double Qs represent both “queer” and “questioning”. The I is for intersex; the twin As for “asexual” and “ally”—the latter meaning you’re hetero but down with the cause. P is for pansexual, the catch-all for being up for pretty much anything depending on the situation. The newest addition is the “2S” which denotes being Two Spirit, a term used by some First Nationers for one who does not fit into the male/female binary. If this alphabet train is not fun enough for you, others such as those at Wesleyan University have added “BDSM” as a caboose for the bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism crowd.

Is anyone left out? It is curious we don’t usually find the two Ps here: the polyamorists and the polygamists. This second P is not included because these are the unfashionable fundamentalist Mormon splinter groups, firm-handed patriarchy and all. But why exclude the polyamorous? They are indeed vivacious boundary pushers by any measure, holding quite seriously that their interest in “many lovers” is indeed as much an orientation as anything else. (The enlightened Wesleyan has added P for polyamory along with another G for “genderf—” and an F for “flexual”).

Not a few leading gay and lesbian activists cast derision upon the alphabet soup ridiculousness, deciding to just toss the whole senseless effort to include everyone. One young gay journalist explained, “We’ve had to start using Sanskrit because we’ve run out of letters.”

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