The Upcoming Election

Persecuted Christians in Nigeria cling to hope that change will come with every election. However, with two Muslim contestants dominating this year’s race, they don’t have much to hope for.

Nigeria’s current president, Mr. Buhari, has been ignoring the cries of persecuted Christians for years, centralizing control over the government’s security apparatus into the hands of Fulani leaders. Mr. Buhari’s challenger, Atiku Abubakar, is a Fulani Muslim. Even if Atiku does win the election and is motivated to change the situation, the military, police, and security apparatus will still remain in the hands of Muslim leaders, who have purposefully chosen to remain on the sidelines.

Many Nigerians fear that Mr. Buhari will use his top-heavy influence over political operatives to maneuver the election to his favor. The race is already making headlines across national news, with a recent report that two offices used by the general election commission were burned down in the last week. A number of suspicious arrests of key campaign officials have been made, including the arrest of Ben Bako, one of the campaign directors for the People’s Democratic Party (the party sponsoring Abubakar).

This week, ICC will be sharing more insight into Nigeria’s Christian genocide, Mr. Buhari’s administration, the return of Boko Haram, and more. Stay tuned.

The Twin Islamic Terrors: Boko Haram and Fulani Militants

Nigeria’s Christian farmers are no strangers to suffering. They’ve witnessed 50,000 to 70,000 deaths of their own people over the last two decades. They’ve seen their fathers and sons gunned down and their wives and daughters taken captive.

The senseless killing spree is not random. Two Islamic terrorist groups, Boko Haram and Fulani militants, are responsible for this violence. They’ve targeted Christian communities under an umbrella of government ineptitude (or purposeful inaction) and ignorance on the part of the international community.

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