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How India’s ‘unreached’ tribal areas are being evangelized


Every day in the remote villages of Northeast India courageous priests and nuns are braving the elements of the wild – including tiger attacks and elephant stampedes – to bring the Good News to people who have yet to hear the name of Jesus.

People in these “unreached” areas “are very attracted to a sense of relating in a very human way to a God who loves them and is present with them,” Msgr. John Kozar told CNA Dec. 7.

Part of what makes this “missionary outreach” so important is the fact that the priests and sisters serving in the areas “heroically live in very crude conditions right with the people, in huts made of mud and cow dung, no plumbing and very little privacy.”

“Even their meals are taken with the entire village outside in a common setting on the ground,” Msgr. Kozar said, explaining that the ministry carried out in these areas is primarily one “of presence.”

Rather than building institutional churches, which is the focus in India’s southern states, such as Kerala, evangelization in these smaller, tribal regions “is about being with the poor and sharing with them in a very natural way who this Jesus is and how He wants to share His love with all.”

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