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Indian Prime Minister Modi Finally Comments on Manipur Violence, Church Says It Is ‘Too Late’

With India and observers elsewhere in the world stunned by a viral video of the naked parading and public rape of two Christian women in simmering Manipur state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had little option but to break his widely deplored silence on the bloodshed there.

“The video showing atrocity against women in Manipur is the most shameful,” acknowledged Modi while entering the Indian Parliament on July 20 for its monsoon session, reacting to the shocking May 4 video. Amid the national outcry, Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)  government has banned viewing of the video in India.

“The Manipur incident has shamed the entire humanity and [1.4 billion] people of the country are feeling shamed,” added Modi.

Modi’s delayed response was criticized by Catholics leaders.

“The Prime Minister’s reaction has come too late. He should have spoken out when the bloodshed started but just kept quiet all through,” Archbishop Dominic Lumon of Imphal, who heads the Catholic Church in the strife-torn state, told the Register.

“Fear is pervasive even now [after 79 days] and peace remains a dream for us. Everyone is living in fear as violence keeps erupting in the [Imphal] Valley and its peripheries frequently,” added Archbishop Lumon, who heads the 100,000-member local Catholic Church in the tiny state in northeast India, which has a total population of less than four million people.

“On some days, there is relaxation of curfew. But yesterday it was strict curfew due to fresh violence.”

Manipur erupted into violence on May 3, following a solidarity march by members of the predominantly Christian Kuki tribal community protesting a controversial order from the state High Court calling for extending Scheduled Tribe status to the ethnic Meiteis, originally followers of indigenous Sanamahism with many converts to Hinduism as well as some Christian converts, who constitute over 52% of the state’s population. Scheduled Tribe status is a provision of India’s national constitution that mandates free education and quotas in professional education like medicine and engineering, and in government jobs.

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