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Incels: the return of the foolish virgin?

A new BBC Three documentary examines aspects of inceldom – the modern phenomenon of young men who would like to have a sexual partner but cannot get one and instead of going out and finding one, stay at home on their computers venting their grievances against society.

Dr Kaitlyn Regehr, of the University of Kent, explained to The Telegraph (London) that ‘incels include anyone who is sexually inactive not by volition’, adding that ‘the most heavily publicized element is the discourse around violence, to take revenge, because they’re not having sex and feel entitled to sex’.

It seems that along with the minimum wage and a guaranteed pension, some young males feel they are entitled to sexual activity with someone else. This is indeed a new idea, but if they have a grievance, perhaps it should be directed against the sex education lessons that taught them that it is perfectly normal to ‘have sex when you feel ready’ – which their youthful minds interpreted to mean ‘when you feel like it’.

This indeed is a rapists’ charter, since rapists believe they are ‘entitled to sex’; and if there are aggrieved ‘incels’ there are also young women who are the ‘involuntary’ victims of casual sexual encounters leaving them feeling abused and betrayed, and feeding the equally modern #MeToo movement.

Instead of producing young men and women anxious to please each other and thus win a mate, sex education makes schoolchildren feel that ‘everyone else’ is ‘doing it’, leading to an outbreak of FIMO – Fear of Missing Out.

We have gone from a society that valued sacrifice, self-restraint and patience to one in which every stray impulse is encouraged – leading to a firestorm of sexually transmitted diseases and abortions but also psychologically damaged lives

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