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“I Am Asking You To Love As I Love”

I am asking you to love as I love.” These words echo in my mind frequently. They come to me when I am in sorrow. When the raging storm of doubt threatens to overtake me. I hear them when I do not understand the things Christ is asking of me or my path becomes lonely. These are the words that propel me on the Way of the Cross and that lead me to the transfiguring joy that only dying-to-self can bring. In the end, I have to choose love; we all do. The Resurrection can only come if we commit to a death like His in our own lives. It only comes if we surrender to His way, not our own. 

These words are some of the clearest I have ever been given in prayer. During a time of a major testing, preparation, and trial they came through in a way that convicted me to surrender to God’s ways over my own. I remember the moment I heard them with the greatest love and tenderness in prayer. I was kayaking on my favorite lake in the area. It is there that I take my prayers and frustrations out on the water and seek the Most Holy Trinity in the wonders of Creation. As I paddled with all of my might, praying fervently to understand what God wanted from me, the words came to me in the way only a loving Father can give them to His struggling daughter. It is fitting that God met me on the water, since the Spirit hovers over the waters.

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