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Humanae Vitae After Obergefell

Luma Simms is a recent acquaintance. We met at the Napa Institute last week and she will soon be a guest on the program. She is from Iraq and offers insight into some of our American disputes. Here’s a recent piece from First Things. – Al Kresta


Some months back, I made a plea—that the Church not yield on withholding the Eucharist from divorced and remarried Catholics. I wrote briefly of my own Catholic conversion, which has left me, as a divorced and remarried woman, unable to receive. I mentioned that my husband and I hoped to be granted a decree of nullity. Now we have received word that we are approximately six weeks from the end.

At this post-Obergefell moment, and with my annulment in view—and on the anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s great encyclical, Humanae Vitae—I wish to make two proposals to the Church and to my American Catholic brothers and sisters.

First, let us embrace Humanae Vitae in word and deed. Second, let us embrace a renewal of celibacy.


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