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How to Make Donald Trump Disappear

It’s coming.

We now know how to make Donald Trump disappear: talk policy. He simply has nothing useful to say. He’ll deal with it when the time comes. He’ll hash out Syria with Putin. He’ll hire people. “Killers,” no doubt, as he likes to say. He’ll call Carl Icahn. Carl Icahn? And we now know that Trump will almost certainly lose altitude: his boorishness will grow old, his insults increasingly desperate.

The second Republican presidential debate was weird, bifurcated and schizoid. There were two debates–and I’m not referring to the earlier, runner-up show, which was dominated by Lindsey Graham’s bonhomie. One of the debates was about Trump’s insults–and this prevailed early on. It was CNN’s obvious strategy to generate heat by asking each of the candidates to respond to the naughty things that Trump had said about them. Carly Fiorina handled this best, especially when she said “every woman in America” knew what Trump was talking about when he said, “look at that [her] face.” This was the most direct path to controversy and entertainment value. But as Rand Paul—who had a very good night—pointed out, it was playground stuff.

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