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How the Average American Gets Their News


What has already been a discouraging summer for online news now looks even worse. A new Pew Research study reveals yet another reason for journalists to fret about recent changes to Facebook’s editorial vision.

Last week, a Facebook vice president announced a major modification to how the company’s News Feed algorithm will rank stories. That algorithm chooses which 10 or 15 posts users see first when they log in, often culling this list down from a possible 1,500 statuses. The News Feed will now give pride of place to posts from users’ friends and family, instead of prioritizing content from professional news publishers.

Charlie Warzel, a tech reporter at Buzzfeed, cast the decision as a kind of election. Engineers examined what kind of posts people were clicking on and interacting with, and decided that people wanted to see less news. “Put simply, the users have spoken and news lost,” he wrote.

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