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How St. Elizabeth of Hungary honored Jesus as King

St. Elizabeth of Hungary was a princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, and though her role provided her much comfort and power over people, she knew the true source of her leadership.

Pope Benedict XVI reflected on St. Elizabeth’s life in a general audience in 2010, where he highlighted the humility of this royal princess.

With her profound sensitivity, Elizabeth saw the contradictions between the faith professed and Christian practice. She could not bear compromise. Once, on entering a church on the Feast of the Assumption, she took off her crown, laid it before the Crucifix and, covering her face, lay prostrate on the ground. When her mother-in-law reprimanded her for this gesture, Elizabeth answered: “How can I, a wretched creature, continue to wear a crown of earthly dignity, when I see my King Jesus Christ crowned with thorns?

St. Elizabeth spent her life in the service of others, imitating Jesus, the King of kings. She did not seek to abuse her power, but to use it for the advantage of the poor and most vulnerable.

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