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How anti-Catholicism can hide behind anti-clericalism


Anti-Zionists often say they are not opposed to Jews, just the Israeli state. Some are telling the truth, but others are lying. Similarly, hyper-critics of Catholicism often say they are anti-clerical, but not anti-Catholic.

Yes, that is true for some, but not universally so. In both cases, even among those who are not lying, it is an easy slide into the bigoted camp: One animus often bleeds into the other.

Few anti-Catholics will admit to their bigotry. When pressed on it, they typically exercise the default option and maintain that they are just anti-clerical.

Two recent examples of this phenomenon are illustrative of how deceitful this position is.

I recently wrote to the president of Colorado State University about an anti-Catholic incident on campus. The student senate had voted to implement a “diversity bill” to grant senate seats to select demographic groups on campus: adult learning, veterans, the disabled, LGBT students, women’s groups, as well as various racial and ethnic groups.

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