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Houston Prosecutor ‘Colluding’ With Planned Parenthood to Indict David Daleiden, Lawyers Says


Indicted pro-life activist David Daleiden’s legal team claims to have “clear evidence” that a Texas district attorney’s office is “colluding” with Planned Parenthood.

Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress, and his associate Sandra Merritt are facing felony indictments brought forth by a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, in January after the grand jury cleared a Houston abortion clinic of any criminal wrongdoing for its part in selling aborted baby body parts.

Although the grand jury convened last year with the purpose of investigating claims made in Daleiden’s videos that the Planned Parenthood clinic was violating laws regulating compensation for fetal tissue, it was Daleiden and Merritt who were charged with falsifying drivers licenses in order to access Planned Parenthood, which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Daleiden was also charged with trying to illegally buy and sell human tissue, the same crime he was trying to expose Planned Parenthood of violating.

Daleiden’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the charges Thursday, and stated that Daleiden’s rights to due process had been violated because of “irregularities relating to acquisition of evidence and improper disclosure of secret grand jury matters.”

Daleiden’s lawyers argued that prosecutors violated the law by “systemically leaking information to unauthorized persons.”

“The irregularities in the case were manifold,” Thomas More Society lawyer Peter Breen said in a statement shared with The Christian Post. “The abuses occurring during and after the grand jury’s proceedings were in gross violation of Mr. Daleiden’s right to due process under the Texas constitution as well as his statutory rights.”

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