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Ave Maria Radio's Online Only Drive! Donate Now!

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Barbara McGuigan has been the host of The Good Fight, produced by Ave Maria Radio, for the past five years and has also been the host of EWTN’s Open Line Tuesday Edition for the past twelve years.

Inspired by the clear, unchanging teachings of the Catholic Faith about the human person and our purpose in life, and motivated by love of young people, Barbara founded Voice of Virtue International in 2001. But her work with youth began long before this. For more than 30 years, Barbara has delivered the message of virtuous living and loving to countless teens in high schools, youth groups, retreats, teen leadership seminars, and conferences, as well as to countless educators and parents at conferences, speaking engagements, leadership and teacher seminars, Women’s Conferences, Theology on Tap, Legatus, the St. Thomas More Society and many other venues.

Barbara has trained more than 1000 teachers, spoken to more than 30,000 teens, young adults and women, and given more than 300 retreats and more than 850 keynotes, talks and presentations, in North America, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Barbara’s EWTN series’ include: It’s a Miracle, Living the Pro-Life Mysteries, Voices on Virtue and Portrait’s in Faith. She is also the author of a Voice of Virtue PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Whom Do You Worship: God or the Zeitgeist” which is a powerful teaching tool for all Catholics. She is the author of The Cross and the Crown, Praying Through Mary for Purity Prayer, available as a book and CD.

Her undergraduate studies were at California State University, Northridge, and Mount St. Joseph’s College in Cincinnati, Ohio. Barbara is the wife of Bob McGuigan and they are the proud parents of three grown daughters and a son.

Barbara considers motherhood as her greatest gift and sees her four children and 13 grandchildren (and counting) as her greatest accomplishment.