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Horror and Humanity in Tennessee Church Shootings

What happened during and after the shootings showcased the better side of fallen humanity.

The shootings Sunday in Nashville at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ were of course horrible. But they were also a counter conventional narrative in several ways, while showcasing the better side of fallen humanity.

A gunman shot a woman in the parking lot. He then shot six worshipers inside before being subdued by a 22 year old church usher. The woman, a mother of two young children, tragically died, her Bible left on the pavement beside her. The wounded worshipers, including the pastor and his wife, mercifully survived.

Believing he had his own gun on his person instead of in his car, the usher confronted the gunman before realizing he was unarmed. During their physical fracas, the gunman apparently shot himself inadvertently. While the usher’s father stood guard over the wounded gunman, the usher retrieved his own gun from his car, then detained the gunman until police arrived.

About 40 worshippers were at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, so it’s not large. It seems to be a mostly white congregation with strong outreach to its racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood, as one news account described.

Photos on the church Facebook page show many non-Anglo children at church activities. A 10 year old boy who sagely barricaded his Sunday school class during the shooting seems to be black. A photo shows him being carried safely from the church by a black man and white woman. He afterwards gave a very well spoken interview to a reporter, as recorded in video. The grief stricken in photos appear to be white, black and Hispanic.

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