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The Hope and the Future of Catholic Education

As a fellow Catholic educator (a veteran theology teacher at Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, Maryland), as well as a periodic contributor to the National Catholic Educational Association’s blog NCEATalk, I recently had the opportunity to independently interview famed Catholic personality Jonathan Doyle, in the midst of his busy schedule. Doyle is a native of Australia, has spoken globally regarding focusing on the foundations of Catholic education, and is the founder of the internationally popular web-based program Going Deeper: Online Formation for Catholic Teachers. For this interview, I asked Doyle some questions about his Catholic faith, Catholic education broadly, and how those entrusted with passing along the Good News of Jesus Christ in an instructional (particularly catechetical) setting can have hope in the future. Due to my family commitments, I was unfortunately unable to be in attendance at the NCEA’s Convention and Expo 2017 in Saint Louis, Missouri, April 17-20, to hear Jonathan Doyle’s keynote address, “Finding Purpose in the Education Vocation.” Nevertheless, I have been inspired and enthused by Doyle’s words here, and hope that you will be as well.

McClain: What role does the Catholic faith play in you and your family’s life?

Doyle: It is the basis of all we do and value as a family. We fail and get it wrong a lot of the time, but it is the center of our lives. 

McClain: What is your teaching experience in the field of Catholic education?

Doyle: I taught for several years in Catholic high schools before completing post-graduate studies in education and theology, and then we founded our own business working in the area. 

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