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Honor the slain: tell the truth about the Waukesha Christmas massacre

Waukesha is so little-known that even some American commentators struggled to pronounce the town’s name this week.

I noticed the error because I lived in this part of Milwaukee for six months. My wife grew up in Waukesha County (you can hear the pronunciation at this link). In 2019, I worked many days in a local coffee shop along the stretch of road that became the site of so much evil and tragedy on Sunday.

Darrell E. Brooks, a 39-year-old career criminal, killed six people and injured 62 more when he sped, zigzagging, through the City of Waukesha’s 58th Annual Christmas Parade.

It is unfathomable how someone could have such disdain for life, striking down the very young and the very old with no impulse to relent. And at a Christmas parade, of all places.

We do no honour to the slain by politicising such a horrendous event. On the other hand, it is equally dishonourable to them and their families for America’s national press to not tell the truth about what happened. Their deception demands a response.

In a tweet three days after the attack, the Washington Post wrote, “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by an SUV.”

Caused by an SUV?

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