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The HHS Mandate Rolled Back: Good News, Still More Work to Do

As Han Solo told Luke, “That’s great, kid! Don’t get cocky.” A call for both thanks and renewed effort by defenders of religious freedom.

Back in May, the president signed an executive order instructing government agencies to ‘consider amending existing regulations’ to address the problems with the HHS mandate.

It was a solid first step toward protecting religious freedom, and many of us hoped that the promised second step would be soon forthcoming. And yet, at the same time I offered a reminder then that if we had even “gotten the executive order many of us hoped for, it still would have been, at best a temporary help.”

On Friday, a definitively more substantial step was taken by the administration to protect the rights of conscience. And once again, I’m grateful. And yet again, I offer a reminder that at most, this is a temporary reprieve, not a victory.

The step taken Friday by the administration addresses the most egregious parts of the HHS mandate: its indifference to religious freedom and freedom of conscience.

While the mandate excluded churches, it forced religious institutions such as colleges, hospitals, even religious orders to violate their conscience by providing and subsidizing abortion-inducing medication and contraception. The Obama administration took the nonsensical position that essentially only churches were religious employers.

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