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Kresta Commentary

March 16, 2012

By Al Kresta

This week the Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule regarding establishment of the state health care exchanges required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – “Obamacare”. Chief among the concerns with this rule is the myriad of way that tax dollars, insurance companies, employers and individual employees will be paying for abortion.

Remember how Nancy Pelosi said back in 2010, “We have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it?” Now we are finding out what’s in it. An assault on religious freedom and the greatest gift to the abortion industry since Roe v. Wade. Consciences and religious liberty have taken yet another hit, and the mainstream media has been virtually silent on this latest atrocity.

Click here to read an in-depth analysis from National Right to Life Legislative Director Doug Johnson regarding this rule. You will non find a more accurate and thorough analysis.

Make no mistake about it, this is a not-so-subtle attempt to take a significant step toward free, tax-payer access to abortion. That is the mission, and President Obama is the General in this war. At Notre Dame in 2009 he promised conscience protection – he lied. In a 2009 speech on health care he said “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions” and would not permit federal subsidies to be used to purchase private insurance that covers abortions – he lied. To ensure pro-life Democrat votes in 2010 he promised an Executive Order banning federal funding for abortion extending the restrictions to the newly created health insurance exchanges – he lied, and the Rep. Bart Stupak clan fell for it. On Feb. 10 this year he gave a press conference announcing a so-called “accommodation” on the contraception mandate. Two days later the mandate was entered into the Federal Register “without change” – he lied.

We MUST NOT allow this assault to go any further. Every day at StopHHS.com we continue to post stories, press releases, commentaries, videos, and more. It is the single best source to learn everything you need to know to fight for our religious freedom.

StopHHS.com has endorsed and is strongly backing the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom being held Friday, March 23 at noon, local time, outside federal buildings, Congressional offices and historic sites across the country. Thousands of Americans of all faiths will be participating in these peaceful rallies. There are currently over 115 locations nationwide! Click here to find a rally near you.

Last but certainly not least, continue to encourage people by any means necessary to visit StopHHS.com to sign the petition. We have blasted past 75,000 and the next stop is 100,000. But we can’t do it without you. Join our facebook page, (Stop HHS Mandate), and spread the word.

Together we will have an impact and we will not stop until every conscience is protected.

Note: The StopHHS site was discontinued in July 2013.

Al Kresta is President and CEO of Ave Maria Communications.

His afternoon radio program is heard on over 200 stations as well as Sirius satellite radio.

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