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Here’s Every State Where Abortion is on the Ballot in 2024

The 2024 elections are less than a year away. While all eyes are on the presidential matchup, there are also numerous efforts by abortion activists to craft abortion rights and add them to state codes and constitutions.

Nearly a dozen states are considering such measures as the new year looms. The efforts come after the 2022 repeal of Roe v. Wade, which returned the power to the states to legislate on abortion, resulting in nearly half of states enacting strong protections for babies in the womb.

In some cases, abortion advocates have already been successful. The Democratic victories in the midterms of 2022 were seen as a decisive sign of backlash against Roe’s repeal. That winning streak continued in Ohio in November, when pro-abortion activists succeeded in passing a ballot referendum that added a new right to “reproductive freedom,” including abortion and contraception, to the state constitution.

Read below to see what’s at stake next November.


The political action committee Arizona for Abortion Access has filed language with the secretary of state that could result in a vote on abortion in 2024. More than 38,000 signatures must be gathered by July 3, 2024, for the proposed constitutional amendment to reach the ballot.

Candace Lew, the chair of the abortion rights group, said in September that the group launched the effort because “Arizonans deserve the freedom to make our own decisions about pregnancy and abortion.”

The proposed amendment would allow late-term abortions up to about 22-24 weeks, or later in pregnancy if a doctor deems it necessary for a woman to end the life of her child.

Arizona currently bans abortion past 16 weeks of pregnancy.


The pro-abortion group Arkansans for Limited Government has proposed ballot language to the attorney general that could result in a vote on abortion in November.

The originally proposed state constitutional amendment, an initial draft of which was rejected by the state attorney general in November, would forbid the state from restricting “access to abortion within 18 weeks of conception, or later in pregnancy in cases of rape, incest, [and] in the event of a fatal fetal anomaly.”

David Cox, the assistant director of the Little Rock-based Family Council, told CNA that “if passed, the amendment’s language would effectively erase decades of good, pro-life laws” in the state.

Arkansas presently bans abortion in nearly all cases except if one is necessary to save the mother’s life.

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