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Having Lunch and Selling Body Parts

A note from Al:

From the beginning I’ve said that the courts will decide if PP is technically selling body parts. However you look at it, we know they receive financial benefits. We know they don’t disclose those financial transactions to the abortive mother. We know they alter their abortion procedures to insure more desirable specimens.  We know that PP headquarters knew about this at the highest level.

 Most importantly, we know that America is being forced to view brutalized babies and to recognize what goes on in abortion. America will end abortion once America sees abortion.

 Fr. Frank Pavone elaborates on the impact of the latest PP undercover videos.

– Al Kresta

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Of the many lessons to be learned from the undercover work of the Center for Medical Progress in regard to Planned Parenthood and organ harvesting, one is that abortion not only destroys babies and their mothers; it destroys the doctors who perform it.

Many observers of the undercover video of Dr. Deborah Nucatola have marveled at how she can sit casually at lunch, eating salad and sipping wine, while talking about crushing the bodies of babies from whom she needs to extract livers and hearts to fill orders from medical researchers. How can Dr. Mary Gatter talk about wanting a luxury car and using a “less crunchy” abortion method to help attain that goal? How can people gather around the parts of a destroyed human being and be excited to find an intact kidney?

In short, what goes on in the mind, the soul, of one who aborts babies and sells their organs?

I have examined this question for decades, conducting meetings and healing programs with former abortionists and former abortion clinic workers, and collaborating with Dr. Philip Ney, the Canadian psychiatrist who has done the bulk of the groundbreaking research on this theme.

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