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Have We Been Doing Catholic Women’s Messaging Wrong?

Recently, two alarming studies have surfaced showing just how uneducated Catholics are about key issues, particularly the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the immorality of abortion.

As talking heads scramble to both help explain and remedy this situation, one question hasn’t been addressed: Are we doing the messaging wrong when it comes to educating women about the Catholic faith? Reaching Catholic women is a vital issue. As the heart of the family, what the mother values will largely imprint itself on the whole family. Satan knew of this influence when he targeted Eve and the pattern has repeated itself ever since. If you get the women, you get everyone.

A place to start answering the question of how to reach women is to look at where they spend their viewing and reading time. Most women aren’t wonks, consuming a steady diet of TV news and news sites, but when they have time to watch TV it’s going to be networks like HGTV and The Food Network. During my recent stay at the hospital while delivering my fifth child, the labor and delivery nurses told me that every woman they work with ends up watching one of these two channels.

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