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Hating So Love Can Win

Yesterday my priest preached a good sermon on homosexuality, and sexuality in general. I mention this because I observed recently in this space that I had only once in my 26 years of practicing either Catholicism or Orthodoxy heard a sermon that mentioned sexuality. (Aside from the two or three I heard from an old priest in Fort Lauderdale who thundered prophetically against “homophobia”.)

Yesterday, my priest managed to give a substantive sermon that was understandable to adults without scandalizing children in the congregation — not an easy thing to do. He said that marriage between one man and one woman, and their rightly ordered sexual love, is an icon of the Holy Trinity. We cannot lose that truth if we are to know and to love God as God commands. He also talked about sexual disorder among heterosexuals — pornography, even lust between husband and wife — and how all of it must be repented of by Christians. Finally, he spoke of the duty of showing mercy to our fellow sinners, as we ourselves would want to be shown mercy. He reiterated, though, that if we lose sight of the truths of what God tells us in His Word about sex and sexuality, we will lose something vital to our task in this life of conforming our lives to Christ’s.

This was what happened to me, as I’ve written about before. In my twenties, I found the countercultural teachings of Christianity regarding sex to be exactly what I needed to pull me out of the trap I had laid for myself. Liberal Christians who told me that my sin wasn’t really sin were no help at all. Sexual permissiveness is the prosperity gospel of progressive Christians. Nadia Bolz-Weber and Creflo Dollar are working against the Gospel in equal measure.

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