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Guess What? You’re Not Actually A Hero


Here’s a recent headline I ran across in Slate: “Brave Portland Woman Breaks Up Planned Parenthood Protest by Chanting ‘Yeast Infections!’”

The story centers around a woman who works at Portland’s Purringtons Cat Lounge. After witnessing a pro-life protester outside, Mary Numair, who is a big fan of Planned Parenthood, decided to take matters into her own hands by making a sign and yelling at some people:

The sign, which Numair crafted out of masking tape and a piece of cardboard from the dumpster, praised Planned Parenthood for treating her chronic yeast infections when she was in her early 20s and uninsured. It also included a delightful cartoon of a vagina with a smiling clitoris and a stick figure with pigtails and prominent breasts…

Now, however delightful or political profound a smiling clitoris cartoon sketched on a piece of discarded cardboard might be, being a liberal in Portland doesn’t exactly tell us that you’re prepared to face or endure danger or pain or that you show any particular courage in the face of a serious threat. Neither, sad to say, does yelling “yeast infections!” Portland pro-life protestors were undoubtedly non-violent (as almost all pro-life protests are) and Numair’s pro-government protestation was not only protected by law but probably cheered by most.

Actually, her act was celebrated by a major news site. So Joan of Arc she is most certainly not.

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