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Google summit on climate change attended by stars in private jets, mega yachts slammed as ‘hypocritical’

Google’s recent climate change conference, which was attended by Leonardo DiCaprioKaty PerryOrlando Bloom and other A-list stars, is being slammed as “hypocritical” by many.

Following an Italian press report claiming that the Google Campers would flock to Sicily for a three-day, $20 million event in 114 private jets, social media users were quick to point out what they saw as a disconnect.

“Is there anything more hypocritical than a bunch of rich people flying their private jets across the world to sit on yachts and discuss the future of our planet?” one Twitter user asked.

Wrote another individual: “Wow, just wow. Has google not heard about video conference.”

“LOL the irony,” commented one person.

“Wow … if it’s so bad, why did all the Google execs, rich folks & celebrities fly 114 private jets, yachts, & limos to the climate change summit in Italy? Hypocrisy? Climate hoax?” asked another social media user.

And another: “The hypocrisy of all these celebrities and billionaires that are travelling to a climate change summit in their private jets!The fact that Google spent $20bn on this initiative just shows that they’d rather look the part than be the part! Put that money INTO ACTION! not a parade!”

Then there was this: “Several #celebrities, wealthy and famous people have arrived in Sicily for #Google summit to discuss climate change. Are these folks going to push for a bill to be passed to ban use of private jets and mega yachts?”

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