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God’s Mercy Endures Forever

There is rampant friction among Christians of all ages surrounding the notion that a person can live his life in any fashion, repent before he dies, and God will mercifully forgive him and grant him eternal salvation. When all is said and done, God will admit him into His presence, overlooking his actions, sins, and the trajectory of his entire life. 

Yes, he will. 

This is sound theology founded upon Divine Revelation and Sacred Tradition. God’s merciful love is indeed unfathomable, extended to every sinner, regardless of sins. His infinite mercy is not foolishness, though it can appear so as he offers it without limit to all who truly repent and return to him. The discord among many Christians is grounded in a resentment towards God and those forgiven along with the false notion that salvation is something God “owes me” rather than the culmination and perfection of a divinely crafted relationship lived out in faith and works. 

Sanctification is in danger when Christians assume we are the ones who have it all together. Forgiveness is needed for all of us. For this reason, mercy is the glue which holds together the binding of the book we call the Bible. Salvation history is replete with examples of God’s incredible mercy which is personified by the divine rescue mission of Christ. At every turn, the Trinity is in pursuit of our souls. 

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