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God’s holy weapons against Satan, Part 1: The gift of prophecy


“Consider well the seed that gave you birth: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge” (Dante, ‘Inferno,’ Canto 26). The spiritual life is a constant battle to remember where we came from and where we must go.

Satan’s strategies, as we’ve seen in my last three columns (123), revolve around refusing to accept legitimate authority (the Jezebel strategy), refusing to exercise legitimate authority (the Ahab strategy) and refusing to worship worthily (the Cain strategy). All three satanic strategies are rooted in a form of identity theft—all would rob Christians of their identity as adopted sons and daughters of God, who are heirs to his Kingdom. Satan would have us believe that we are orphans ejected into a hostile world. But (so the lie goes), Satan understands our pains, fears and aspirations, and we can cut a deal with him to get what we deserve.

Jesus warned that we would be under constant attack (Luke 22:31). Our Heavenly Father hasn’t left us defenseless. For each of the three satanic strategies described above, God has provided a holy weapon, a divine remedy to stand firm against the schemes of Satan.

Jezebel, we read in 1 Kings, is the seducing pagan married to Ahab, the feckless king of Israel. She badgers and cajoles, and finally establishes the diabolical cult of Baal in Israel. God’s weapon against her is the great prophet, Elijah.

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