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‘God chose to call us’: The story of two brothers ordained Catholic priests on the same day

Father Connor (left) and Father Peyton Plessala. Courtesy photo.

Denver Newsroom, Jun 12, 2020 / 12:02 am MT (CNA).- Peyton and Connor Plessala are brothers from Mobile, Alabama. They’re 18 months— one school grade— apart.

Despite the occasional competitiveness and squabbles that many brothers experience growing up, they’ve always been best buds.

“We’re closer than best friends,” Connor, 25, told CNA.

As young men— in grade school, high school, college— much of their lives centered around the things you might expect: academics, excurriculars, friends, girlfriends, and sports.

There are many paths the two young men could have chosen for their lives, but ultimately, last month, they arrived at the same place— lying face down in front of the altar, giving their lives over in service to God and the Catholic Church.

The brothers were both ordained to the priesthood May 30 at Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile— in a private Mass, because of the pandemic.

“For whatever reason, God chose to call us and he did. And we were just fortunate enough to have had the foundations from both our parents and our education to hear it and then to say yes,” Peyton told CNA.

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