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Friday Funny: Woman Praying Salve Regina Still Not Sure Whether It’s “Vale” or “Valley” Of Tears


29-year-old Maria Sanelli reported today that after more than a decade of praying the Salve Regina, that she was still unsure of whether she was supposed to be saying “vale of tears,” or “valley of tears.”

“Seriously though, is it vale or valley?” Sanelli asked her friends midway through her recitation of theSalve Regina. “And what exactly is a vale, anyway? It is vale right? As in V-A-L-E vale, not veil as in a wedding veil. Is vale short for valley? That sounds right. Nevertheless, which should I be saying? Sorry, sorry…I’m done. It’s just that If I’m gonna mourn and weep, I wanna know in which of the two I need to be mourning and weeping into, that’s all. Wait…are we 100% sure that it’s not valet of tears?”


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