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Friday Funny: Weird: All Of Google’s Self-Driving Cars Are Veering To The Left For Some Reason

Well, this is odd.

Google’s self-driving cars all seem to be veering hard to the left for some reason.

The driverless vehicles also refuse to make any right turns at intersections, emitting a blaring “BIGOT ALERT” error should they attempt such a maneuver. The cars will take hour-long detours just to avoid any appearance of merging, veering, or turning right at all. One particularly feisty driverless vehicle even activated its Gatling cannon and blasted away at a sign that read “RIGHT TURN ONLY,” according to a statement from Google.

“It’s just a bug, entirely unintentional,” said one Google engineer. “I guess when we were programming them we accidentally put in a few lines of code that indicated that leaning to the right is horribly evil. We’ll have to take out those bits of programming, I suppose, if these cars are going to turn right. We definitely want them to go right.”

The Google engineer was then fired for his problematic comments.

What a weird coding quirk! Hopefully, they can get it fixed soon!

Google programmers also said they were trying to figure out why the cars are running over every person in a MAGA hat that they see.

via Babylon Bee

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