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Friday Funny: Internet Confessional


Bless me, Father, for I have sinned; it has been one day since my last confession.

Three times I participated in an argument about trigger warnings. Each time I swore it was my last.

Once I replied “lol i’m not mad, it’s just funny to me”

Father, I was super mad.

I read an article about whether Taylor Swift is problematic.

I read an article about whether Beyonce is a feminist.

I read an article about whether Lana del Rey is a feminist, and shared it with a friend.

I spent 45 minutes of my workday looking for a specific reaction gif.

I passive-aggressively favorited all the tweets from one person in a heated argument.

I looked up an essay that drove me crazy when it came out three years ago solely for the pleasure of wallowing in hate. I relished every loathsome word.

I blocked someone because they said, and I quote, that the 1999 Mansfield Park movie adaptation is better than the book.

I would like to take that last sin back; I do not repent of it.

I posted an article with the comment “amazing, and so necessary” having read only the headline. My friends told me it was really good.

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