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French government cracks down on priest who said homosexual relations are sinful

The French government has initiated a series of legal measures against Father Matthieu Raffray for calling homosexual relations sinful and for describing homosexuality as a “weakness.”

On March 15, the priest of the Institute of the Good Shepherd — created in 2006 in Rome for “the defense and dissemination of Catholic Tradition in all its forms,” according to the website of this society of apostolic life — posted a video on Instagram in which he encouraged the faithful to fight against their weaknesses.

Raffray commented that each person has his or her own weapons with which to fight, but the devil convinces people that the fight “is too hard” and therefore it’s useless to resist.

The video was denounced by various LGBT lobby groups, and Aurore Bergé, government minister for equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination, called the priest’s statements “unacceptable.”

Bergé wrote on X that she has asked the Interministerial Delegation for the Fight against Racism, Anti-semitism, and Anti-LGBT Hatred (DILCRAH) to report the alleged infraction on the basis of Article 40 of the penal code to the public prosecutor. “In the face of hatred I’m not going to let anything get by, whatever it may be,” she added.

DILCRAH in turn stated on X that it received the minister’s message and has informed “the prosecutor of the homophobic comments made by Mr. Raffray on social media. So-called ‘conversion therapy’ has been illegal since 2022. Talking about homosexuality as a weakness is shameful.”

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