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Freed from the Occult


I was born into a Conservative Jewish home.  My parents, while not overly “religious,” did their best to follow the Jewish customs and traditions.  My mom kept a kosher home quite well.  When I was of age, they sent me to Hebrew school where I learned to read, write, and speak Hebrew and studied about the Jewish faith. Of course, the Old Testament was a huge part of my studies.  At thirteen, I made my Bar Mitzvah and was now a member of the club, so to speak, a full-fledged Jew.

When I was 16, we attended the services at the Temple for Rosh Hashanah.  Since there is no temple in Jerusalem, the Jews don’t pay a tithe but pay dues to the synagogue and buy tickets for the High Holidays.  Across the street from our little synagogue was an old age home.  I would always see many of the men and women from there at the synagogue, either on the Sabbath or for the holidays.  This particular time, an older lady came in and there were no chairs so I elected to give her mine.  Holy mackerel, you can’t believe what happened; one of the ushers came over and told me I couldn’t do that since she didn’t have a ticket and had no right to a seat.  I laughed at him and started to walk away.  I never again went into a synagogue.

When I was seventeen, I was introduced to the occult through a high school friend of mine.  His cousin owned an occult shop in my town and he brought me there to meet this cousin.  The cousin was a nice guy and was very friendly. The shop owner then introduced me to two pleasant people, Janice and Rich. They were into Witchcraft (Wicca).  Since I expressed a desire to learn, I went into what they referred to as a “pagan circle,” where I learned all about pagan beliefs and the deities they worshiped (i.e. the god and goddess, the lord and the lady, etc.).  We referred to ourselves as “white Wiccans.”  We had no intention of harming anyone through our rituals.  Little did I know that the ones we were harming were ourselves.  Eventually, I was brought into the “craft.”

After I joined the Air Force I kept in touch with Rich and Janice and they connected me with with different Wiccan groups in different parts of the country.  It’s very widespread.

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