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Francis Affirms: He Did Consider Coming into US Via Mexican Border


Pope Francis, on the flight from Cuba to the United States, affirmed what a leading cardinal had said several months ago, that he had originally thought about entering the United States by crossing its border with Mexico.

The Pope answered a range of questions on the flight, especially about his stay in Cuba. He spoke about the US economic embargo against the communist country, Cuba’s political dissidents, and his meeting with Fidel Castro.

He said that his address to the US Congress Thursday will address “bi-lateral relations and multi-national relations as a sign of progress and coexistence.”

Reporters also brought up accusations that he is a communist because of some of the stands he has taken on social and economic issues.

“Everything I say is contained in the Church’s social doctrine,” he said. “They ask if I’m Catholic. I can recite the Creed if needs be.”

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