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Fr Perrone Maintains Innocence

Name: Kolomjec & Associates, P.C.
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Phone: 248-347-4443
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Novi, Michigan, October 31, 2019 – Father Eduard Perrone continues to maintain his innocence from the highly publicized, allegations against him, and expresses his sadness and disappointment at the unfair treatment he has received from the Archdiocese of Detroit during its preliminary investigation.
On July 5, 2019, Father Perrone was restricted from exercising all public ministry after the Archdiocese of Detroit determined that a “credible” allegation of sexual misconduct had been made against him. Fr. Perrone passed a polygraph test regarding this allegation, and his legal team has established that this accuser’s June 10, 2019 statement to the Michigan State Police and the accuser’s prior comments to reporters from the Associated Press contradict the Archdiocese of Detroit’s determination.
The Michigan State Police investigator who interviewed the accuser specifically reported that the accuser denied any touching of genitals by Fr. Perrone, as well as any sexual penetration by Fr. Perrone. Moreover, the Michigan State Police investigator found that more salacious allegations reported by Macomb County Sheriff Detective Sergeant Nancy LePage were “not supported” by the investigator’s interview with the accuser. The investigator also noted that the accuser “just has a hunch” that Fr. Perrone could have taken advantage of him.
Fr. Perrone’s legal team has also learned that Ms. LePage misconstrued at least one interaction with a key witness to the accuser’s alleged abuse in her report of her investigation. Ms. LePage summarized an interview she had with Mr. James Fortenberry, a contemporary and friend of the accuser, in which she claimed Mr. Fortenberry admitted he stayed overnight in Fr. Perrone’s bedroom, among other things. Mr. Fortenberry strongly disputes this allegation, as well as other implications in Ms. LePage’s summary of their conversation that suggested Mr. Fortenberry had been abused by Fr. Perrone, but just didn’t want to talk about it. Mr. Fortenberry credits Fr. Perrone with being a singularly positive influence on his life, and denies ever being subjected to, or witnessing, any abusive behavior by Fr. Perrone.
On October 15, 2019, The Archdiocese of Detroit, through its official investigator James Smith, sent Mr. Fortenberry a letter suggesting that Mr. Fortenberry could have been a victim of Fr. Perrone, and implying that Fr. Perrone’s kindness to Mr. Fortenberry’s family after the death of Mr. Fortenberry’s brother Dale could have been part of a “grooming process.” Mr. Smith even offered to fly to Alabama to meet with Mr. Fortenberry. When Mr. Fortenberry instead drove from Alabama to Michigan to meet with Fr. Perrone’s attorneys and provide his story in support of Fr. Perrone, the Archdiocese of Detroit refused to meet with him.
Mr. Smith’s letter also included a statement that two altar boys who had served with Mr. Fortenberry had accused Fr. Perrone of abuse. After his suspension from active ministry, Fr. Perrone learned that a second person, a recently released felon, also accused him of inappropriate conduct, although this claim has not yet been formally evaluated by the Archdiocesan Review Board. Fr. Perrone does not know this second accuser, and several of the second accuser’s statements are demonstrably false. Specifically, the accuser claimed his
family was a member of St. Peter’s parish, when they were not, and he also claimed he was an
altar boy at St. Peter’s parish, when he was not. On October 1, 2019, Fr. Perrone took and
passed a second polygraph test, which confirmed that he did not have any sexual contact with
this second accuser.
To date, the Archdiocese of Detroit has shown little interest in uncovering the truth, and instead
seems focused on proving guilt at all costs. Fr. Perrone remains hopeful that truth and justice
will prevail, and is grateful for all of the prayers and support from countless supporters.
For any questions or interview requests, please contact Christopher Kolomjec, at 248-347-4443
or [email protected]

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