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Four Things Your Guardian Angel Does For You

From an early age, my devout parents taught me that I had an angel at my side to protect and guide me. This comforted them, especially my anxious mom whose imagination envisioned a lot of trouble I could get up to. To be fair to her and my guardian angel, their concerns were mostly correct.

By adulthood, I had unknowingly neglected my guardian angel to the point of regarding him as something like folklore. I wouldn’t say I disbelieved in guardian angels. I just never cared to think about the subject.

It was during this long year that I learned how Padre Pio would send his guardian angel to comfort people. Like many people of my generation, I often endure the pain of loneliness. So, as a lonely person, I began to find comfort in the teaching that guardian angels can be a source of comfort and friendship to such a degree that these personal protectors can comfort our loved ones in a time of need.

Since learning about Padre Pio’s friendship with his guardian angel, I’ve found comfort in my learning about guardian angels as I try to grow in friendship with mine.

One of the things I’ve learned is that guardian angels do far more than protect us. Here are four things your guardian angel does for you:

1. Guardian Angels Intercede For Us

As guardian angels, they are sent by the Lord to stand by our side and to become our “personal patron saints,” praying for us, protecting us from the terrors of darkness, and perhaps even prodding our consciences to bring us back from spiritual perils.

— Fr. John Horgan, His Angels at Our Side

It may sound strange, but your guardian angel is your own personal patron saint. They are there to guard us, absolutely, but part of that role includes praying for us. As the Baltimore catechism puts it, “they offer our prayers, good works and desires to God.”

We even find this teaching in the Old Testament. In Tobit 12, when the Archangel Raphael finally reveals his identity, he states, “I am Raphael, one of the seven holy angels who present the prayers of the saints and enter into the presence of the glory of the Holy One.”

Your guardian angel is there to pray for you. If you are struggling, ask your angel to offer your sufferings and desires to the Lord on your behalf. As well, offer your thanksgiving for to God for providing a guardian angel to guide you.

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