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Four Scriptural Promises for Times of Desperation

God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Throughout my adult life, I have heard this cliché far more often than I can count—while struggling with infertility, following Sarah’s birth, managing her constant care, while pregnant with our surprise baby, when I suffered from autoimmune thyroid flare-ups. 

At first, I accepted these words at face value. After a time, I realized I became incensed when hearing them. Most people base this platitude on scripture, carelessly weaving their own loose interpretations into miniscule truths. Reality told me—God does give us more than we can handle. In fact, Jesus was crushed under the weight of His Cross three times

Few things have given me even a sliver of consolation during my darkest hours. But this verse from 1 Peter revealed something new to me—that God may permit us to bear a burden beyond what we are capable of carrying, but He offers us four distinct promises after we have suffered.

The point is not that we will not suffer, nor that our suffering may somehow be lessened to accommodate what we can handle. Rather, it is the hope of what results from our suffering, if done fruitfully and patiently. Here are the four promises we can cling to in times of desperation.

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