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Foolish and Wise Bridesmaids

Many people don’t have much of a problem with God theoretically.  They believe he exists and even admit that they maybe owe him something.  But their reasoning goes something like this:  “The religion thing can wait.  After all, I believe in God and am basically a good person.  I really did intend to go to church this morning, but last night’s dancing took a lot more out of me and I had one drink too many.  I’ll catch it next week.”

Foolishness is a matter of priorities.  The foolish person majors in the minors, investing money and time in things that really don’t pay very well.  Wisdom is a matter of putting first things first, not last.  Prudence, which is the practical side of wisdom, is about making a plan to pursue and acquire the things that matter most (Wis 6:12-16).

“God is love.  If I come up short, he’ll cover my tab.  I’m too busy and tired right now.”

Not sweating it when it comes to preparing for the final exam is not necessarily faith.  Blowing off necessary preparations it is not a manifestation of faith but rather of the sin of presumption.  When we trust Him to forgive us our bungled attempts to obey Him, God is pleased.  When we neglect to bother because we expect Him to dismiss our ticket, God is not amused.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Forgetting about the Lord is the epitome of stupidity.  So is forgetting that we are not immortal, that though God is timeless, we are not.  Our nations, companies, and even our bodies will not last forever.  They will either suddenly come to a screeching halt, or die a slow death of gradual disintegration.  It’s hard to believe, but time will some day run out – for America, for me, even for the Apple Corporation.

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