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Five years after death, Mother Angelica’s work lives on

 It has been five years since Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, foundress of EWTN, passed away.

She died March 27, 2016 – Easter Sunday – after a lengthy struggle with the aftereffects of a stroke. She was 92 years old.

Mother Angelica founded EWTN out of a garage in Alabama in 1981, and it has since become the largest religious media network in the world. Catholic News Agency is a service of EWTN.

Five years after her death, EWTN viewers are still sharing their stories of how Mother Angelica’s life and the network she founded continue to influence them. Here are some of those stories, edited for clarity:

“EWTN has saved me. I am happy every day. I am 91 and I can’t drive. People ask me ‘Are you depressed?’ ‘Do You feel like you are in a prison?’ I say, No! Every day is a happy day. I am not a prisoner in my own home. EWTN has been my salvation and has saved my life!”

“Ever since I was young, I usually bump into your channel on television and watch shows…like those children with St. Faustina, Mother Angelica talks and rosary prayer, Vatican Almanac, Catholic Dictionary, Vatican Events and of course, the Daily Holy Mass. Now that I am older, just started going off to college, I devote myself almost every day to join the Daily Mass and Rosary and I do Eucharistic Adorations sometimes, too! These wonderful works you all have done for me made my Catholic faith even stronger! The True Faith through EWTN has quenched my thirst for the love of God.”

“I am a truck driver, delivering food and other essentials overnight. I work 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and EWTN radio is on, almost 8 to 10 hours of my work through Sirius XM. TAKE 2 surely is one of my favorites and as you mentioned in today’s program, people are praying during the night. Yes, I am one of them who prays, laughs, and cries along with all your programs and audience.”

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