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Five Big Pro-Life and Pro-Family Wins in 2015


NEW YORK, December 31 (C-Fam) The year just ended will prove to be a significant one for the United Nations. Two much anticipated agreements were finalized, one on development and another on climate. For life and family advocates they were both overall wins, although not complete. Here is our list of the best moments of 2015.

  1. New UN Development Goals Shut Out Right to Abortion, LGBT rights

The most important UN agreement on development policy in 20 years has once more shut out a right to abortion. For more than five years, abortion groups coveted a right to abortion in theSustainable Development Goals, but once more were stopped far short of what they desired. In fact, now there are even more reservations to abortion language in UN policy than there were before. The entire 54-member African Group said on the record that no UN language about “sexual and reproductive health” or “reproductive rights” presumes or could be used to promote a right to abortion.

More than that, though, once more so-called homosexual rights were squarely rejected. And, comprehensive sexuality education was also left out.

  1. Historic UN Climate Agreement Ignores Population Issues Altogether

Do you remember a time when fear about the environment immediately triggered concerns about overpopulation? Do you remember the aggressive calls for abortion and contraception, whether or not voluntary, that followed? That time is well past us. Or so it would seem from the most significant UN environmental agreement ever reached this December in Paris. The word “population” doesn’t appear in the agreement even once. Even UN demographers weighed in against making population an issue at all in the Paris negotiations, seemingly agreeing with what the Catholic Church has been saying at the UN for over 50 years.  Radical environmentalists were livid.

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