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Finding God in Shanghai: a Chinese convert’s path to faith

At his baptism at a Catholic church in Shanghai, Dalù said that he “cried like a baby” knowing that his sins were being washed away. His journey to faith began with singing Christmas carols in 2009, and eventually led him to seek asylum in Rome.

“I am a music lover. Once I saw on a website that a choir of Shanghai Catholic Church was recruiting members. I went to meet them and they accepted me. I found this choir very special,” Dalù said in an interview with CNA. 

“Before each rehearsal, the priest would tell us the Gospel of the day. I was deeply attracted. And then all the songs that they sang were Catholic hymns, and I was also moved,” he said, adding that he particularly loved the Latin hymn Panis Angelicus.

These rehearsals with the choir were the first time Dalù encountered the Gospel and Catholic hymns, and he said that he was moved by learning the meaning behind the music he found so beautiful.

“It was only a few months after I joined the choir that Christmas ushered in. The song that we sang was Silent Night, and I cried. It was so beautiful,” he said.

Dalù — a pseudonym he uses to protect his identity as he still has family in China — said that his family had instilled in him a love for truth, beauty, and goodness in his childhood.

“In fact, before I accepted the faith my spiritual world was completely ready, just waiting for the opportunity. My values could be summed up in three words: truth, goodness, and beauty,” he said.

“After joining the choir, the priest asked me to receive faith training. After half a year of study I learned the Catholic doctrine and the current status of the Chinese Church,” Dalù said.

He was catechized throughout 2010, a time when China’s Catholics were divided between the “underground church” and churches officially registered with the government and the state-sanctioned Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.

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