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Fighting to let a boy be a boy


James Younger wears boy’s clothes and climbs trees when he is with his father. But when the 9-year-old boy is with his mother, he wears dresses and attends school and dance classes under the name “Luna.”

Since October 2019, former spouses Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas, both of Texas, have shared joint managing conservatorship over their children. Each of them has a say in legal decisions over James and his twin brother, Jude. The twins live predominantly with Georgulas, who is embroiled in a bitter dispute with Younger over their custody, schooling, counseling—and James’ gender identity.

On Aug. 11, Dallas County District Judge Mary Brown canceled a scheduled hearing and held a private conference instead with lawyers representing each of James’ parents. Logan Odeneal, Younger’s lawyer, said no ruling was issued. Georgulas’ attorney, Jessica Janicek, did not respond to my request for an interview. The lawyers and parents are under a court-imposed gag order, so I could not verify some of the claims posted to the Save James Facebook page and have circulating in the media, including that Brown reversed the joint managing conservatorship or denied Younger’s attempt to homeschool the boys. Brown has scheduled an evidentiary hearing for Sept. 25.

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