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“Feminism” Is A Good Excuse To Spread The Truth

We’re all called to evangelize by virtue of our baptism, but what’s the most effective way to do that? During the Advent-Christmas season, or any time for that matter, how can we evangelize without having a co-worker, or even family member, turn us into the local chapter of the ACLU? More importantly, how can we not appear so overzealous that folks don’t take our message seriously and lose interest?

Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, the craziness occurring in our culture right now, is actually handing us one opportunity after another to actually bring God into the conversation. Whether folks realize it, Church teachings, especially in the areas of the dignity of women and the overall issue of sexuality, are being re-affirmed practically daily.

One example is a feature story making headlines. It’s the annual choice of Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. The word for 2017 happens to be “feminism,” because it was the most looked up word in their online dictionary, and generated 70 percent more searches from last year. It spiked in January after the infamous “Women’s March” on Washington, and again about a month later when Counselor to the President, KellyAnne Conway, a strong Catholic and pro-life activist, said that she had a hard time calling herself a feminist because of what the word had come to mean and to represent: only those women who supported abortion on demand, as well as other issues contrary to Catholic teaching.

Given all the discussion based on what feminism is and isn’t, and all the concern generated through the #metoo campaign, stemming from the ever- growing list of personalities accused of sexual misconduct against women, why not start a buzz about what the Catholic Church has identified as “New Feminism,” which is really true feminism at its best.

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