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Federal appeals court blocks Governor Cuomo’s restrictions on size of religious gatherings

Handing an important religious freedom victory to houses of worship in New York, the federal Second Circuit court ordered that the 10 and 25-person caps to worship had to be suspended while the case is pending.

The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn is a plaintiff in the case.

Randy Mastro, an attorney representing the diocesese, said Tuesday night his team was “gratified by the Court’s decision, which reaffirms that the Governor’s onerous fixed capacity limits on ‘houses of worship’ go too far in restricting the free exercise of religion. Our client, the Diocese of Brooklyn, is pleased to be able to continue to welcome parishioners to Mass, and will continue to do so under strict protocols, like mask wearing and social distancing, that keep them safe.”

According to the Becket Fund, which represented a group of synagogues and rabbis, the court’s decision “effectively means that New York cannot enforce its caps against any house of worship.”

“And since Connecticut is also in the Second Circuit, it means that Connecticut’s similar caps on worship are unconstitutional,” Becket Fund explained in a tweet.

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