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Faithful line the streets of Seville, Spain, for Holy Week processions

Holy Week in Seville is one of Spain’s most impressive, picturesque Catholic traditions.

The faithful and members of some 70 community-based brotherhoods and confraternities prepare each year to be part of a grand display, an expression of the piety of the people of southern Spain that every year attracts visitors from around the world.

During the processions, floats featuring sacred images traverse the city, accompanied by songs of the Lenten season, marching bands, and penitents.

Most brotherhoods have two floats — one of Christ representing one of the scenes of the Passion and one of the Virgin — although they may have only one, or even three.

Each brotherhood has its own procession that leaves from the church where the floats are kept throughout the year and arrives at the cathedral, where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed.

Thousands of people throng the winding streets of the city every day of Holy Week to witness a spectacle in which art and devotion come together.

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