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Facing an ugly truth about anti-Christian persecution


Because of the vast scale of it, and also because its victims tend to be impoverished and already marginalized for other reasons, anti-Christian persecution deserves to rank as one of the transcendent human rights issues of the day.

Other religious groups are imperiled too, and if a defense of religious freedom is to succeed, it has to apply across the board. Yet because of their numbers and their rapid growth in dangerous neighborhoods, Christians are especially exposed. According to watchdog groups, there are 200 million Christians today living under the threat of physical violence, arrest, torture, imprisonment and death.

In light of that epidemic, there’s a burning need to raise consciousness about the threats Christians face. At the same time, it’s also important to be scrupulously honest about the nature of those threats, so that fair-minded people don’t come to see this as a PR effort, or an exercise in wedge politics, rather than a genuine human rights calamity.


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