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Epiphany – September 28, 2023

Edmund Miller and Alicia Wong invite everyone to Guadalupe Workers Gala. Brenda Hascall invite all women the Hispanic Women’s Conference.


Segment 1

Edmund Miller and Alicia Wong invite everyone to Guadalupe Workers Gala Dinner.

Alicia Wong is the Executive Director of Guadalupe Workers and is full time at the office in Detroit.



Edmund Miller teaches literature and humanities at Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor and is the president of Guadalupe Workers. Additionally, a sidewalk counselor since 1986, he directs the Detroit-based pro life ministry Guadalupe Workers.  He and his wife Monica raised three children in their Michigan farmhouse.



Edmund and Alicia were originally paired up in 2002 in order to sidewalk counsel at the Woman’s Choice abortion facility in Ann Arbor. When that clinic closed, a year and a half later, the two looked for an abortion center where they would be able to continue their very personal style of sidewalk counseling—which is to say, they looked for a clinic where they would have an opportunity for direct conversation with the mothers.  For the next several years, then, they sidewalk counseled at American Family Planning in Dearborn.  Here, now known as the Guadalupe Partners, they began their practice of intense follow-up with the mothers who turned away from the abortion decision.  Instead of referring the mothers to other help organizations, they personally offered assistance with rent, utilities, housing, and transportation— whatever it took to assist the mother through her temporary crisis.  A few years later, that abortion clinic also closed; Edmund, Alicia, and those who had over the years joined them, moved farther into the city, to the Summit Medical Center on McNichols in Detroit.  While their sidewalk counseling efforts remain focused on Summit, they have also opened an office on Detroit’s southwest side.  This office, equipped with an ultrasound machine, allows the Guadalupe Workers (a name change from 2016) to bring mothers directly from the abortion clinic to a warm, home-like atmosphere–yet also stocked with an ample supply of diapers, children’s clothes, cribs, car seats, groceries and more.

Learn more about Guadalupe Workers and the Gala here: Guadalupe Workers

Segment 2

Brenda Hascall invite all women the Hispanic Women’s Conference.

Brenda Hascall was born in a loving Catholic Family of six and was raised and studied in Mexico. She has two adult children and has been married to her Michigan husband for 35 years. Feeling displaced from family, language and culture, the Church was her refuge, and she became an active volunteer. Striving to give her kids in public schools a Catholic Education and living her Mexican Culture, she became a Catechist for 13 years. Brenda has been active in the pro-life movement, praying outside abortion clinics, teaching and advocating for mothers and children, and now leading a Pro-life Ministry in her Parish, St. Thomas More, Troy. She worked for ten years with vulnerable families through grants in Oakland County, mostly Hispanics; it was a time of social work, apologetics, and evangelization, establishing close relationships through to today. In 2020, Brenda began to work in the Archdiocese in Missionary Strategic Planning with Families of Parishes, centered on the Pastoral Letter Unleash the Gospel. Her love for Jesus and His Church, her culture, people and languages, life, and God’s Divine Providence helped her start a new journey in June of this year as the Hispanic Ministry Coordinator in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Click here (link in Spanish) to learn more about the Conference: 14th Hispanic Women’s Conference


For more information please contact Brenda Hascall at 313-237-5852 or by email,

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