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Epiphany – October 30, 2022






Vanessa opens the program with honors Deacon Dom Pastore, from St. Joan of Arc in Sterling Heights, with a reflection on his homily from this past Sunday.  Nash, talks about All Saints and All Souls days. Fr. Patrick Fulton and Fr. John Wheeler will talk about the 200th Anniversary of the Basilian Fathers, Catholic Central, and their epiphany moments



Tom Nash

Tom Nash, has served the Church professionally for more than 30 years, including as a theology advisor at the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). He is a contributing apologist for Catholic Answers, and a contributing writer for both the National Catholic Register and Catholic World Report. Tom appears as a periodic guest host for Kresta in the Afternoon and has appeared as a regular guest apologist on Catholic Answers Live for more than a decade. Tom is the author of The Biblical Roots of the Mass, What Did Jesus Do?: The Biblical Roots of the Catholic Church, and 20 Answers: The Rosary. He is also a contributing author to Catholic for a Reason: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass, and Faith Facts: Answers to Catholic Questions, Vols. I and II. He is also a Regular Member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.’


Fr. Patrick Fulton 

Principal Catholic Central High School Fr. Patrick Fulton is the youngest member of the local Basilian community. He was ordained in 1997 and is celebrating 25 years as a priest this year. Fr. Fulton has served as an administrator at all three high schools run by the Basilian Fathers; St. Thomas in Houston, St. Michael in Toronto, and now Detroit Catholic Central. After two years teaching Theology an additional year serving as Assistant Principal, he was appointed Principal in 2019.

Fr. John Wheeler 



I have been a member of the Basilian Fathers Community since 1958, and a priest since 1968. Before retiring in 2009, I was a teacher, a ski coach, soccer team moderator, French Summer Exchange facilitator, and parish priest. I earned the greatest satisfaction from sharing my enthusiasm for France and the French language with hundreds of students over the years. I am spending my retirement years doing as much priestly work as possible.

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